From Coping to Thriving – Part 4

Reprocessing Trauma – Part 3

Dawning Awareness – Part 2

Mental Health Unawareness – Part 1

Four strangers and two cats – why I’m going back to the studio

If shame is the answer, we’re asking the wrong questions

Notice, Disrupt, Accept

Mental Health in a world turned upside down

As the whole world seems to shift around us and I feel the weight of other people’s fears, panic and terror trying to trigger these things in me, there is a part of me that knows this will not serve me. And I also believe it’s not what people need from me right now. I think what people need is for me to be informed yes, but also be calm, to make decisions with a clear head and not to throw fuel on the fire of these emotions in those around me. I have never experienced a significant physical health crisis and based on all the information I’ve seen, I’m in an extremely low risk group if (or when) I do contract Covid-19. But I have experienced a significant mental health crisis and I have spent 7 years experimenting with and embedding habits that can keep me well, even when things are tough. And things are starting to get tough. So I thought I would share the things that I’m doing at the moment to keep myself feeling mentally resilient in a world turned upside down.

Origin Story, A Fairytale

We all have a story. This is mine.

Restorative Yoga

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