Yoga for Mental Wellbeing Workshop

Saturday 29th June 2024  13:00 – 17:00, Yorkshire Centre for Wellbeing, Harrogate

This half day workshop explores how yoga teachings and practices can support management of stress and improved mental health and resilience. It combines an understanding of the mind and body from neuroscience and psychology with practices from therapeutic mind-body modalities of yoga, qigong and mindfulness. The result is an interactive and practical session, which includes:

  • Exploring mental wellbeing and distress from a yogic perspective.
  • Insights from neuroscience for understanding the stress response (& its opposite).
  • Evidence-based yoga practices for calming the mind during times of stress.
  • Practices for creating greater energetic and mental balance and equanimity.

The workshop format will include taught elements of underpinning theory from yoga, neuroscience and psychology with experiential practices of yoga asana, qigong, grounding exercises, breath techniques and meditations that support mental wellbeing. There will be a break for herbal teas half way through and yoga asana will take place after the break.

Booking details

The Workshop will take place at Yorkshire Centre for Wellbeing, 40 Duchy Road, Harrogate, HG1 2ER. 

The exchange for the Workshop is £45. To book your place, go to the Yorkshire Centre for Wellbeing Booking Page.