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Class Description and Booking

Awakening Flow Yoga
Awakening Flow Yoga
45 minutes
Peaceful Flow Yoga
Peaceful Flow Yoga
60 minutes

FAQs about classes

I've never done yoga before, does that matter?

Not at all! Over half of my yoga students were complete beginners when they joined and classes are structured to be accessible for anyone. Full instructions are given for all the postures and different variations to account for the fact that every body is different. Check out the testimonials below to find out what the classes are like to attend.

I'm not very flexible, is that a problem?

The most common thing I hear from people who are considering joining a yoga class is that they’re worried because they’re not very flexible. It’s not a problem at all. Most people have lifestyles that reduce flexibility over time, whether that’s due to lots of sitting at a desk or playing sports or running without doing thorough warm-ups/cool-downs. The great thing about yoga is that you don’t have to be flexible to get started, but if you build in a regular yoga practice, you will notice your flexibility improving steadily over time.

Do I need specialist equipment or clothes?

An at-home yoga practice doesn’t require anything specific to get started. If you have a yoga mat or any other fitness mat, that would be ideal, but if you don’t, you can do the session on the floor or on a blanket or towel. No specialist clothes are required for yoga, just choose something comfortable like leggings or shorts and a vest or T-shirt that you have good range of movement in. If you do decide you would like a yoga mat, I use a basic one from Yoga Matters which is £20+ postage.

How does the online class work? Do I need good IT skills?

The online classes are extremely easy to access with very limited IT skills required. Book onto any classes you would like to attend via the booking section below. You will then receive an email with your booking confirmation and a link for a platform called zoom. If you’ve never used zoom before, you might want to watch this useful tutorial and it’s worth logging on 15 minutes before your first class to give you time to set everything up. It is very straight forward though and once you’ve set zoom up on your tablet or laptop, in future you will just need to click on the link to join.

YouTube Channel

Santosha Rose YouTube channel has been created to inspire more people to try yoga and to bring the benefits of this ancient practice into our often frenetic and stress-filled modern lives.

It is based on a belief that yoga should be accessible for everyone of any age, body shape, size and gender.

Sequences are designed to encourage you to move your body, calm your mind and connect to the innate wisdom and peace that’s inside all of us. Santosha Rose offers high quality and accessible yoga videos that can become the foundation of an at home yoga practice and help you to discover the joy of yoga.

If you’d like to welcome more flow, peace, presence and contentment into your life, do subscribe to the channel and share with any friends that you think will love it too.