Origin Story, A Fairytale

Once upon a time there was a beautiful girl called Samantha. She had a captivating energy and a pure heart. She cared about children and animals and people less fortunate than her. She fit in easily to most situations but sought out those on the outskirts and offered her friendship. She loved nothing more than seeing other people smile as they connected to their own light. In subtle and tiny ways, she told people: 

  • I see you
  • You are beautiful
  • You matter
  • You belong

She was interested in stars and planets, in precious stones, in mystery and magic, in fantasy and beautiful colours. She was a dreamer who was always using her imagination to create new worlds and then go to them. She laughed often. She smiled easily. She loved  wholeheartedly.

As she grew up, she learned that not everyone was kind. Some people were mean. And sometimes bad things happened even to good girls. She learned that men are to be feared and sometimes people you trust will let you down. She learned that if you want people to love you, you have to be a good girl. And she wanted people to love her more than anything else in the world. So, she worked really, really hard to be the best girl in the world. And she got really good at it. Often people commented on what a good girl she was, and she felt loved.

As she got older and the world made her harder, she forgot about her love for mystery. Her love for otherworldliness. She hardly ever looked at the stars. She didn’t choose bright colours that made her heart sing, but plain colours where she could fit into the background. And she developed a charming and witty cynicism that she wore as a shield. And over time she became cold. She forgot about awe and joy and bliss. She forgot about wolves and starry skies and adventures. She forgot her Self.

She reached a point where she forgot her Self so completely that the well of her lifeforce had run completely dry. After years of drawing from it every day in order to keep will-powering through a depleting and unfulfilling life, it finally ran out completely. And the universe asked a powerful question:

What next?

Will you skirt around the edges pouring enough water in the well periodically to keep drawing from it every day? Will you live in this place of scarcity knowing it could run out again at any time and crossing your fingers that it doesn’t? Or will you choose a different path?

Will you remember your Self, beautiful girl? Will you remember that you are made from stardust? Will you remember that you have a light inside you that is breathtakingly beautiful and all you need to do is let it shine? And if you do, you will never feel empty again because everything you need is already inside you. Rather than not having enough love, connection, joy, belonging, you will overflow with these things.

You will have so much of these things you will want to share them with the world. You will become a guide who can lead others back to their breathtakingly beautiful Self. You will be a leader, a teacher and a healer. You will find a sense of peace deep within yourself that the world cannot disturb. You will become a source of this peace, radiating a different way to be in the world. You will develop such strong, peaceful, loving and healing energy that people will feel better just by being near you. Because the peace in you will call to the peace in them. And when they meet this peace in themselves, they will feel. Maybe relief, joy, awe, sadness, hopefulness. But something. Often they will cry. And often these will be tears that have been stored for years. And after the rain, there will be light.

At first you may not understand the changes that accompany this new vibration. You will be new to energy work and may try to understand it with your mind, which is completely unequipped to know what is happening as it can only think. And this will be the time to trust in the universe beautiful one. Trust your instincts because they’re good. Get quiet enough, often enough to hear that still small voice of your intuition. As you do this, it will get stronger. Clearer. Louder. And the chatter of the world and worldly things like the mind will begin to fade. You can still hear them if you need to, but it will always be your choice. No one else will be able to switch the channel to drama or worry or negative thoughts, but you.

Although she didn’t know the universe well enough to fully comprehend this choice at the time, on some level she knew. And she chose the route back to her Self. To the never ending and infinite light within. To a life of peace and love and joy and breath-taking connection. To a life of sharing this gift with others. To service. To freedom. And ultimately, to the creation of Santosha Rose.